‘Face of Jesus’ on Barn Conversion

Sam Dalby, a self-employed painter and decorator, uncovered a face of Jesus Christ on a wall while working on a barn conversion.

The face of Jesus, as uncovered by decorator Sam Dalby

The face of Jesus, as uncovered by decorator Sam Dalby Photo: CASCADE

The Telegraph – 6:50AM GMT 16 Mar 2012

 The 37-year-old discovered the image hidden behind a stereo unit at the property in Eldroth, near Austwick, North Yorkshire.

Mr Dalby, who had spent the morning plastering and sanding the room, said he failed to spot the face until he sat down for his lunch break.

He revealed: “I hadn’t seen the face earlier on when I was working close up to it. It was only when I sat down that it turned up – I was sitting face-to-face with Jesus.

“I was more than a bit surprised. It’s not every day that you find your Lord and saviour watching you eat your lunch.

“It’s pretty amusing. I reckon it must be a good omen for the job we have done at the house.

Mr Dalby, from nearby Settle, began refurbishing the property before Christmas.

He said that although he had been moved by the holy picture it had not stopped him finishing his decorating duties and coating Jesus with two coats of off-white emulsion.

He added: “I’ve shown it to family and friends and like me they can all see Jesus. The owners agreed it looked like Jesus as well, but they didn’t want it as a feature.

“I left it as long as I could, but the carpet fitters were coming, so I had to paint over it. The paint is a similar colour to a shroud so it felt appropriate.”


Hmm. As seems to be happening with disturbing frequency, the uncovered face looks like Charles Manson.

He’s not the Messiah – he’s a very naughty boy…

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