Shoe shop haunted by ‘ghost’ of Luftwaffe pilot

Sophie Dack-Stainer Rex

Scared Sophie Dack-Stainer has been left trembling by the spooky soul haunting the shoe shop she runs.

In November 1940 a German Luftwaffe plane crashed into Stainer’s cobblers in Poole, Dorset, killing the three pilots on board.

Now, 72-years-later, an estranged WWII Nazi called Heinz haunts the store, scaring workers and customers alike.

The shop, which is 100-years-old, has been owned by the Stainer family through five generations with Sophie, 21, the latest in a long line to take over the running of the shop.

Footsteps have been heard when nobody’s there, tins of polish have been seen flying through the air and the employees feeling like they are being watched when alone.

As well as that, the air-raid bunker at the back of the shop, which is padlocked, has eerily opened by itself, shoe boxes have been moved around the stockroom and workers have even seen the ghost’s shadowy figure.

Dack-Stainer said: “It can be a bit scary if you are here alone. We’ve had customers and staff see Heinz and some people have even had things thrown at them.”


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