The Enfield Poltergeist

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Much has been written about the classic Poltergeist case which began in 1977 and became known as ‘The Enfield Poltergeist’.  The incidents were investigated at the house by  SPR members Maurice Grosse and Guy Lyon Playfair over a period of 13 months.  Playfair documented the investigation in what has become regarded as the definitive account of the haunting/poltergiest activity; his book This House Is Haunted, first published in 1980.

Thanks to coverage by the Daily Mirror and Grosse and Playfair, the case is world famous. There is much to cover as regards the case but I will concentrate here on one famous aspect – the photographs which were published, purportedly showing Janet Hodgson, around whom the activity seemed to centre, being ‘levitated’ in the air by unknown forces.


Above is the classic picture you will see reproduced in many magazines and websites showing Janet high in the air whilst her…

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Will Storr Vs. The Supernatural

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Will Storr Vs. The Supernatural: One man’s search for the truth about ghosts

  • ISBN: 0091910137

Publisher: Ebury Digital (31 May 2013)

I shall begin this review with a confession; I’d seen this book around for a long time before I actually read it and then it was a case of ‘Oh well – I’ll give it a go’ because it was in a bargain bookstore for a quid. I’d looked at the blurb before but I will admit that I was put off by Will Storr being known as a ‘Lad’s Mag’ writer and was not expecting anything beyond that standard of journalism. How wrong I was.

Storr has managed to put together the most candid and earnest account of Supernatural exploration that I have ever read. Approaching the subject as an interested and eager-to-learn novice, he takes the reader on an engaging personal journey driven by his own desire…

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Gloomy Sunday

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gloom1Gloomy Sunday was a song written in 1933 by the Hungarian composer Rezső Seress. The Hungarian lyrics were written by the poet László Jávor and its title changed from “Vége a világnak” (End of the world) to “Szomorú vasárnap” (Sad Sunday). According to legend, Seress suggested to his girlfriend that they should get married after he finished writing it. The next day, she poisoned herself leaving a suicide note reading “Gloomy Sunday” (or rather “Sad Sunday”).

The song was first recorded in 1935, in Hungarian by Pál Kálmar in 1935. The recording became popular in Hungary but then a number of suicides were linked with the song. Stories reported in the press included drownings, overdoses and hangings, each time with a connection to the song; the victim having the sheet music about their person, quoting from the lyrics in suicide notes, heard whistling the tune beforehand. As is usual with…

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JFK Cluedo

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Been playing the new JFK Cluedo. No-one got the right answer…

jfk cluedo

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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special

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Doctor-Who-Day-of-The-Doctor-Teaser-TrailerThe 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who; an incredible achievement for a show that has survived against the odds – the BBC having taken a weirdly contemptuous attitude to it in times past, reducing budgets, moving schedules, forcing it into the dread territory of ‘Childrens’ TV’ and – a crime against humanity – hiring Bonnie Langford. For a show with a massive worldwide fanbase and huge merchandising potential, the BBC often seemed ashamed of the show as it moved into the 80’s. The eventual reboot, complete with a real budget and effects has been a major success and the show remains strong as it passes an astounding 50 years on the screen.

(Warning – definitely contains lots and lots of spoilers if you haven’t seen it!)

In charge of the writing for the special, entitled ‘The Day of the Doctor’, was Executive Producer Steven Moffat. Moffat has been a mixed…

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