Will Storr Vs. The Supernatural

Mysterious Times

Will Storr Vs. The Supernatural: One man’s search for the truth about ghosts

  • ISBN: 0091910137

Publisher: Ebury Digital (31 May 2013)

I shall begin this review with a confession; I’d seen this book around for a long time before I actually read it and then it was a case of ‘Oh well – I’ll give it a go’ because it was in a bargain bookstore for a quid. I’d looked at the blurb before but I will admit that I was put off by Will Storr being known as a ‘Lad’s Mag’ writer and was not expecting anything beyond that standard of journalism. How wrong I was.

Storr has managed to put together the most candid and earnest account of Supernatural exploration that I have ever read. Approaching the subject as an interested and eager-to-learn novice, he takes the reader on an engaging personal journey driven by his own desire…

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