Jack the Ripper’s first victim?

Mysterious Times

Outside of the ‘canonical’ five victims of Jack the Ripper, the murder of Martha Tabram is often hotly speculated as being the first known victim of the Ripper.

TabramOn 7th August 1888 at 4:45am , John Reeves, a labourer at the riverside having risen at this time to go to work,  discovered the body of Martha Tabram, a local prostitute, lying on her back in a pool of blood in the George Yard buildings off the Whitechapel High Street. Reeves would later recall her clenched hands and disarranged clothes as well as the absence of any blood around her mouth. He went immediately in search of a policeman and returned with PC Thomas Barrett. Although violent attacks were not unknown in Whitechapel , the murder stood out due to the ferocity of the attack. At Post Mortem, Tabram was found to have been stabbed 39 times with wounds ranging from…

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